The perfect wedding? Yes, I think so! I love a small, enjoyable backyard gathering of friends and family that just so happens to have two people tying the knot. Sara and Max had a perfect day. These two are poets so I’m not even going to attempt to describe the gorgeous weather, but trust me, the breeze was light and the sun was warm, it was perfect! They requested a more photojournalistic approach to their wedding images, something I love to hear. The bride grew the majority of these flowers in her own backyard and wore a vintage dress. Their lovable dog, Bruce, was the ring bearer. Basically, if you want me to fall in love with a couple, talk about photojournalism, your home-grown garden, and bring a dog. Mission accomplished. Also, shout-out to TURF catering for the delicious, local food that was all made from scratch. Thank you, Max and Sara, for inviting me to document your day. Cheers to you and your awesome families!

Jennifer Dummett  |  Indianapolis Wedding Photographer